Students Using their Powers to Engage in Reading is a project to celebrate the power of reading. Marshall University’s College of Education and Professional Development (COEPD) and Marshall University’s PDS (Professional Development Schools) Partnership support literacy awareness at all ages, from preschool through adulthood. On October 18, 2019 we will share the love of reading with our community. The day will be filled with reading to and with children of all ages.

On the evening of October 18, 2019, we ask that parents read to their child(ren) or make note of a book their child(ren) is reading on that day that is not associated with schoolwork.  After sharing the reading experience, please click here to be entered into a drawing for a prize valued at $100+ to be awarded on October 21, 2019!

2019 SUPER DAY pictures!

2019 Home Challenge Winner

Brianna Johnson, First Grade
Hite-Saunders Elementary School

Gianna read a Charlie and Lola book about recycling.