Advisory Council

 A PDS Advisory Council was established during the 2014-2015 program year to review and evaluate the activities, direction, and impact of the partnership. The Advisory Council consists of elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, high school teacher (from the two most prominent counties in the PDS—Cabell and Wayne), university supervisor, assistant clinical director in the College of Education and Professional Development (COEPD), three university professors—one from each division within the COEPD, and the PDS Director. The PDS Advisory Council reads and awards the Student Teacher Mini-Grants; the council reads the Student Teacher Award nominations and awards the candidates; and, the Advisory Council reviews and evaluates the following: 1) the relationship between the PDS Director and Building Coordinators; 2) the effectiveness of the Building Coordinator; 3) the impact and effectiveness of professional development opportunities; 4) the budget; and, 5) the direction for upcoming program year. Decisions of the Advisory Council are shared with the Coordinators at each Coordinator meeting (two per semester).

Advisory Council Members (2016-2017):

Angie Kinder, Nichols Elementary, Cabell County

Rhonda Mannon, Ceredo-Kenova Elementary, Wayne County

Middle School, Wayne County (open)

Middle School, Cabell County (open)

Mona Evans, Huntington High, Cabell County

Candice Ward, Spring Valley High, Wayne County

RuthAnn Arneson, Early Childhood, Marshall University

Debbie Lockwood, Special Ed, Marshall University

Curriculum Instruction, Foundations (CIF), Marshall University (open)

Amanda Preece, SCOPES, Marshall University

Mindy Backus, CIF/PDS Director, Marshall University

MU Supervisor: TBA

MU Student Representative: TBA