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Professional Development

If you or your school are/is interested in any of the professional development opportunities below, please click on the Request Page and fill out a Request Form. Send the form to

  • Common Sense Media ( Resource for K-12 internet safety
  • LEGOS?
  • Guitars in the Classroom
  • PBS Learning
  • NASA
  • The Clay Center (mobile exhibit to visit schools)
  • Ruby Payne training
  • Robert C Byrd 3-D Printing
  • WV Division of Natural Resources (Wildlife group)
  • WV Farm Bureau
  • Robotics
  • Infusing Technology
  • Book Study:
  • Wellness/Med School/Healthy Tomorrow
  • Athletics
  • Science/Forensics/Engineering
  • Mark Moore: Office 365, OneNote, Sway, SAS Curriculum Pathways, PBL/SAMR/Object based learning, Theater based learning and alternative assessment, MIE—Microsoft Innovative Educator (collection of free Microsoft software titles)
  • SPOT (WV Space Public Outreach Team)

Contact Information

Dr. Mindy Backus Professor/PDS Director 130 Education Building Marshall University Phone: 304-696-2877 Fax: 304-696-6211

Weekly News


Student Teacher Mini Grants: Application links are in Word and PDF. Send applications to by the following dates: First placement–January 29, 4:00pm (notification will be on January 31); Second placement–March 18, 4:00 (notification will be on March 20)

STEPP Workshops:

February 1 (half-day sessions) – Teaching With Technology And Active Strategies For Secondary Teacher Candidates

February 15 (half-day sessions) – Teaching With Technology And Heggerty, Ashlock, Call/Response, Managing Centers, And More! For Elementary Teacher Candidates


Teacher Mini Grants are due by 4:00pm March 13, 2020. Teachers hosting student teachers may apply using the form above under the Teacher tab.

Check Weekly Updates for news and announcements!


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