TEEP: Teacher Expert Exchange Program

Any teacher in a PDS can take advantage of TEEP to receive targeted help in various educational areas. Through observations in their classroom by PK-12 teachers, expert teachers will hone their mentoring skills to aid novice teachers. PK-12 teacher experts may also take their expertise out of the PK-12 classroom and into the higher education institution as a guest speaker in an education course. Once again, the program has the philosophy of the PDS partnership as its cornerstone: creating a collaborative network among PK-12 teachers, university professors, and graduating teacher candidate seeking substitute teaching experience.

*2017-2018 School Year: TEEP is currently unavailable in its original format due to reductions in funds. However, if we have an expert available in an area you desire, we will try to work out a training/observation in a modified format.


Click here for the TEEP request form. *Unavailable for 2017-2018

Click here for the TEEP consent form. *Unavailable for 2017-2018

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