Marshall University 3+4 Accelerated Pathways

The Marshall School of Pharmacy, Marshall College of Science, and Marshall College of Health Professions have partnered to provide Marshall undergraduate students with three unique opportunities to earn a joint Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Health Science and Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Pathway Options:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B.S.) + Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) Pathway
  2. Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (B.S.) + Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) Pathway
  3. Bachelor of Health Science (B.H.S.) + Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Pathway


Program Details:

  • 7-year Accelerated Program: The three 3+4 pathways programs allow students to complete three years of undergraduate education and four years of pharmacy school en route earning a bachelor’s and Pharm.D. degree. The Marshall College of Science and College of Heath Professions will recognize the first year of the pharmacy curriculum as the student’s senior year and will award students with the bachelor’s degree after the first year is successfully completed.
  • Automatic Interview: Individuals recommended by the Colleges for each pathway are provided an automatic interview toward admission into the School of Pharmacy.
  • Guaranteed Seats: Each College will each receive a minimum of two guaranteed seats per year for students in the School of Pharmacy. Recommendations for a seat in the program will be provided to the School of Pharmacy by September 1 of each year.
  • Scholarship: Tuition is not waived, however, participants with remaining Marshall undergraduate academic scholarship money may apply the remaining scholarship money toward the P1 year. West Virginia residents may also apply any remaining money of their West Virginia Promise Scholarship toward the P1 year.


To participate in the pathway programs, students must initiate the following steps:

checklist2 Step 1

  • Enroll as a first-year student at Marshall University.
  • Select (a) a major in biology or chemistry in the College of Science, OR (b) the major of health science in the College of Health Professions. The three pathways can only be fulfilled by majoring in one of these three options. Entrance into the school in two or three years via a different major is still possible, but will not entail the awarding of a bachelor’s degree and Pharm.D. in seven years.

checklist2 Step 2

  • Meet with your college’s corresponding pre-health advisor and indicate your concentration as pre-pharmacy. Mr. Joseph Chambers is the on-campus pre-health advisor in the College of Science and Dr. Liz Casey is the on-campus pre-health advisor in the College of Health Professions.

checklist2 Step 3

checklist2 Step 4

  • Take the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test) in January or July prior to the junior year.

checklist2 Step 5

checklist2 Step 6

  • Receive a recommendation from the College of Science or College of Health Professions for the pathway by Septemberv1 of the junior year. The Colleges will be responsible for acknowledging students who are on track to participate in the BS+PharmD and BHS+PharmD and have met the GPA and PCAT requirements.In addition to following each step, students must meet the following academic criteria:
    • Earn a minimum GPA of 3.2 or greater in all coursework listed in the articulation agreement
    • Earn a composite PCAT score of 50 or greater completed within prior 12 months

checklist2  Step 7

  • Complete the interview, receive admission, and enroll in the School of Pharmacy.

Once the student has successfully completed the first year of pharmacy school, the Marshall School of Pharmacy will send the final transcript to the College of Science or College of Health Professions. Once the transcript has been verified, the College will award the student a bachelor’s degree in their major.

Contact Us:

For questions regarding undergraduate advising, contact:

For questions regarding pharmacy school admissions, contact:

  • Marshall School of Pharmacy: Megan Russell, Director of Recruitment and Development, or, Kelli Kerbawy, Director of Progressions

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