School of Pharmacy Policies

Faculty/Staff Related Policies and Forms

Official school policies, forms, and other documents are located on the SOP sharepoint site, which is available at the following link Faculty, staff and students should log in using your MU single sign-on credentials.

Please note that some policies that have been approved since the in-person meeting restrictions due to COVID-19 were implemented are uploaded with the faculty meeting approval date, but without the Executive Council signatures.  Given the difficulties inherent in getting signatures in a virtual environment, we made the decision to upload the policies after approval by the faculty and then to update them with the signed versions when practical.

Student Related Policies – Administrative Policies

  • MUSOPOP_100.005: Inclement Weather Policy
  • MUSOPOP_100.010: MUSOP Management of Official School Documents (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded soon) – Student Affairs Policies

  • MUSOPOP_200.001: Academic Standards for Grading, Progressions, Dismissal, and Re-admission
  • MUSOPOP_200.002: Course Transfer Credit and Course Waiver
  • MUSOPOP_200.003: Documenting the Pre-pharmacy Requirements Adopted by the Faculty for Admissions
  • MUSOPOP_200.004: Admissions Process Policies and Procedures
  • MUSOPOP_200.005: Student Advising Policies and Procedures
  • MUSOPOP_200.006: Ethical and Professional Conduct
  • MUSOPOP_200.007: Complaints Concerning Violations of Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Standards
  • MUSOPOP_200.008: Student Affairs Committee Policies and Procedures
  • MUSOPOP_200.009: Grade Grievance Policy
  • MUSOPOP_200.010: Student Leave Policy
  • MUSOPOP_200.011: Incoming Student Transfer Policy (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)
  • MUSOPOP_200.012: Application & Transcript Evaluation for Applicants with International Coursework for Interview Consideration
  • MUSOPOP_200.013: Background Check, Drug Screen, Immunization and Certification Requirements for Students
  • MUSOPOP 200.014: Student Organization Leadership Eligibility (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)
  • MUSOPOP 200.015: Student Travel Stipend Reimbursement
  • MUSOPOP 200.016: Summer School Policy – Curricular Policies Student Government Policies

  • MUSOPOP_800.001: Student Executive Council (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)
  • MUSOPOP_800.002: Appropriate Attire and Conduct for Students of the Marshall University School of Pharmacy (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)