School of Pharmacy Policies

Please note that some policies that have been approved since the in-person meeting restrictions due to COVID-19 were implemented are uploaded with the faculty meeting approval date, but without the Executive Council signatures.  Given the difficulties inherent in getting signatures in a virtual environment, we made the decision to upload the policies after approval by the faculty and then to update them with the signed versions when practical.

Student Related Policies – Administrative Policies

  • MUSOPOP_100.005: Inclement Weather Policy
  • MUSOPOP_100.010: MUSOP Management of Official School Documents (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded soon) – Student Affairs Policies

  • MUSOPOP_200.001: Academic Standards for Grading, Progressions, Dismissal, and Re-admission
  • MUSOPOP_200.002: Course Transfer Credit and Course Waiver
  • MUSOPOP_200.003: Documenting the Pre-pharmacy Requirements Adopted by the Faculty for Admissions
  • MUSOPOP_200.004: Admissions Process Policies and Procedures
  • MUSOPOP_200.005: Student Advising Policies and Procedures
  • MUSOPOP_200.006: Ethical and Professional Conduct
  • MUSOPOP_200.007: Complaints Concerning Violations of Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Standards
  • MUSOPOP_200.008: Student Affairs Committee Policies and Procedures
  • MUSOPOP_200.009: Grade Grievance Policy
  • MUSOPOP_200.010: Student Leave Policy
  • MUSOPOP_200.011: Incoming Student Transfer Policy (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)
  • MUSOPOP_200.012: Application & Transcript Evaluation for Applicants with International Coursework for Interview Consideration
  • MUSOPOP_200.013: Background Check, Drug Screen, Immunization and Certification Requirements for Students
  • MUSOPOP 200.014: Student Organization Leadership Eligibility (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)
  • MUSOPOP 200.015: Student Travel Stipend Reimbursement
  • MUSOPOP 200.016: Summer School Policy
  • MUSOPOP 200.017.001: Policy on drug screens and drug- or alcohol-related convictions – Curricular Policies Student Government Policies

  • MUSOPOP_800.001: Student Executive Council (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)
  • MUSOPOP_800.002: Appropriate Attire and Conduct for Students of the Marshall University School of Pharmacy (updated 2020 – revised version will be uploaded shortly)