Why Marshall?

At the Marshall University School of Pharmacy, we do things a bit differently.

  • Forget boring lectures, Active Learning is the focus of Marshall’s curriculum.
    Our outstanding faculty encourage interactive teaching in classrooms that seat students at group tables to incite discussion, team problem solving, and peer learning. The result? Studies show that students have been shown to earn 6 percent higher grades and are 50 percent more likely to succeed than in traditional classrooms.
  • You won’t find stadium seating in our classrooms
    We chose to design our innovative spaces for the modern student. Marshall’s unique classes offer small, intimate spaces for personal attention with a maximum of 80 students per class to enhance student learning. Our small class sizes also provide the opportunity to learn how to work inter-professionally. Several times a year, pharmacy students collaborate with fellow healthcare students at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, the School of Physical Therapy, and the College of Health Professions to improve patient care through case studies.
  • Simulation before practice
    Unique state-of-the-art skills alcoves allow you to practice patient counseling skills and daily pharmacy activities before jumping into real-world situations. A compounding laboratory also lets you get your hands dirty in the spring of your first year, compounding medications such as Theraflu, suppositories and pediatric gummies. And, there’s no waiting until your third year for practice experience. By your second semester, you’ll be certified and in the field. And, speaking of certifications, you will earn three certifications in the Marshall program at no cost to you. You will earn:

    • Immunization (APhA) certification
    • Medication Therapy Management (APhA) certification
    • Diabetes Management (APhA) certification
  • Access through affordability
    Marshall prides itself on its affordability for students, offering one of the lowest in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees packages in the country! Our affordability, in turn, provides a diverse atmosphere across race, ethnicity, geographical location, and gender. The current class profile includes 55 percent out-of-state students, with students from Hawaii to New York and everywhere in between.

  • Giving back is more than our profession, it’s our mission.
    At the Marshall University School of Pharmacy, community service is central to the development of caring healthcare professionals. And our students put that mission into action daily. Pharmacy students donate their time locally to many philanthropic organizations each year including Habitat for Humanity, the Huntington City Mission, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Homeless Coalition.

What our students say

“What I really love is how close the students are with each other and how close our relationship is with our teachers. Our professors seem to go completely out of their way to help us and make sure we thoroughly understand everything to become great pharmacists.” – Marissa McCoy, Class of 2018

“Being awarded the Walgreens Diversity Scholarships was truly an honor and privilege for me. It made me realize the importance of scholarships and how it truly helps us students not only financially, but also reinforces us to keep pursuing our endeavors throughout our pharmacy careers.” – Priscilla Adjei-Baffour, Class of 2016

Why Huntington, WV?

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