Terri L. Moran, M. S.

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Office: SKH 137
Phone: 304-696-7325
Email: moran@marshall.edu

Terri Moran is an alumni of Marshall University with a Master of Science degree with majors in both Adult/Technical Education and Training and Development.  She has been an employee of Marshall for 25 years. As Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Ms. Moran functions as the school liaison with university units, outside organizations, and the general public; coordinating with affiliated hospitals and agencies to provide necessary student information and data management support.  As the official custodian of student academic records, Ms. Moran oversees daily operations related to student recruitment and admission, record maintenance, registration and progression through the PharmD program, commencement and alumni relations.  She works closely with Academic Affairs regarding student related issues and concerns while serving as a student advocate.