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News (April 19, 2017): Huntington wins $3 million for urban development!

Huntington, WV is the second largest city in West Virginia with a population of 364,100 residents that is situated at the confluence of the Guyandotte and Ohio Rivers. Huntington is located in the tristate region of West Virginia that boarders Ohio and Kentucky. Huntington was founded in 1775 and was originally located on the western reaches of the state of Virginia, long before West Virginia separated from Virginia in 1863. Huntington was originally a major transportation hub for the CSX Railroad and the Ohio River traffic. Huntington was also at one time an industrial manufacturing center for the region. Today the major employers are Marshall University, two Medical Centers (Cabell Huntington Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center), and Amazon.com. While most of West Virginia is geographically dominated by the Appalachian Mountain Range and the Appalachian Plateau, thus most of West Virginia is quite mountainous; however, the city of Huntington is one of the flattest regions in West Virginia.

West Virginia is an outdoor paradise with ample opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, snow skiing, spelunking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and ATV riding.

Individuals who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle are encouraged to review the following websites for more information about Wild and Wonderful West Virginia:

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Huntington is centrally located between a number of major metropolitan cities on the east coast including Lexington, KY; Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Richmond, VA; Charlotte, NC; and Nashville, TN. All of these major metropolitan cities are within 5.5 hours of Huntington, WV (see map below).

Huntington, West Virginia


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