Early Assurance Program

The Marshall University Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Assurance Program allows high school seniors to apply for conditional acceptance to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Successful applicants will have a guaranteed seat pending maintenance of all undergraduate requirements and earning a bachelor’s degree from Marshall University.

  • Open for Applications: Monday, June 26, 2023
  • Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 
  • Letters of Recommendation/Official Transcript/ACT or SAT Score Report Deadline: Friday, December 15, 2023 
  • Interviews for the DPT Early Assurance Program (required): January 2024 (exact dates TBD)

Admission Requirements

This program is designed for highly motivated high school students (in-state or out-of-state) who have achieved the following criteria during their high school careers:

  • Minimum composite ACT of 25 or SAT composite score of 1200.
  • Cumulative High School GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Two letters of reference/recommendation from high school teachers in STEM-related courses.
  • On-campus interview in January with the Doctor of Physical Therapy Admissions Committee.

Continuing Requirements

  • Students must declare an undergraduate major (e.g., Exercise Science, Biomechanics, Health Sciences, Biology, etc.). There is no preference given based on undergraduate major; however, students must complete all required prerequisite courses (see below).
  • Complete their undergraduate degree within four years.
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA each semester (students may fall below a 3.0 GPA for a maximum of one semester during their undergraduate degree), achieve an overall cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA in all prerequisite courses (BSC 120 and BSC 121 or higher; BSC 227 and BSC 228; CHM 211, 212, 217, and 218 or higher; PHY 201, 202, 203, and 204 or higher; STA 225 or PSY 223 or MGT 218; PSY 201 and PSY 311).
  • Students must successfully complete at least 60 hours of valid clinical observation in physical therapy before the start of the fall of the senior year.
  • Students will apply through PTCAS in the fall of the senior year to ensure that all criteria are met. Students may have a maximum of two prerequisite courses outstanding in the fall of the senior year.

Application Process

  • Students must apply and be accepted into the undergraduate program and declare a major at Marshall University prior to applying to the DPT Early Assurance Program.
  • Students must complete the Early Assurance Program application online no later than the date listed above.  An incomplete application package could negatively impact the selection process.
  • Application package must include:
    • Application form including personal statement/essay
    • Two letters of reference/recommendation which must be from high school teachers who have had the applicant in class and are familiar with the applicant’s academic performance.
  • Students must submit official SAT/ACT score report(s) and official high school transcript(s) with the information of “unweighted” cumulative GPA to Marshall University SOPT Admissions Committee (2847 5th Ave, Huntington, WV 25702) no later than the date listed above .
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Marshall University SOPT Admissions Committee, and all applicants will be sent notification in writing whether they have been selected for an interview.
  • Finalists will be required to participate in on-campus interviews.
  • The Marshall University SOPT Admissions Committee by final vote will select the applicants who will be accepted into the program.

Advantages of the DPT Early Assurance Program

  • Students will be assured a seat in the DPT program upon admission to Marshall University, provided they have met all admission and continuing requirements.
  • Students who are part of the early assurance program and meet all of the continuing requirements will not have to take the GRE and CASPer examinations.
  • Students will be able to establish a close and continuous connection with Marshall University DPT program.
APPLY NOW for Early Assurance Program

Questions? Please contact us at physicaltherapy@marshall.edu.


The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Marshall University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22305-3085; phone: 703-706-3245; email: accreditation@apta.org; website: http://www.capteonline.org.

CAPTE Accreditation Verification

Marshall University’s School of Physical Therapy is a proud member of the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT).
American Council of Academic Physical Therapy

Program Reciprocity Status

Students who graduate from the Marshall University SOPT and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination are eligible for Physical Therapy Licensure in all 50 states.