Saturday Experiments in Modern Physics

The Saturday Experiments in Modern Physics program (SEMP) is a series of interactive demonstrations in modern physics held Saturday mornings. The program is targeted towards high school students, who are invited to come to the Department of Physics at Marshall University.

The goal of the SEMP program is to make modern physics a more approachable, exciting, and rewarding experience for high-school students. By participating in this program, high-school students will benefit of an interactive, modern science exploration that they will not be likely to forget. The exciting learning environment that will be created will inspire them to become future scientists, fact that will have positive impact in the recruitment of new college students. The experiments in modern physics are visual and interesting, can be understood with the level of knowledge expected from a high-school student, and have the advantage that are at the frontline of physics research.

Contact for Saturday Experiments in Modern Physics:

Maria Babiuc-Hamilton
Associate Professor
Office: 257 Science Building

Phone: (304) 696-2754

Email: babiuc@marshall.edu