Presidential Search Update (September #2)

Dear Marshall Community,

The Marshall University Presidential Search Committee conducted 16 face-to-face candidate interviews this week at an off-site location. A majority of the candidates represented at least one measure of gender, ethnic or racial diversity, and came from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. We had wide ranging discussions that focused on Marshall’s mission and student success. These are some of the questions we asked the candidates:

  • What interests you in the presidency of Marshall University? Specifically, why you, why Marshall and why now?
  • Marshall University has seen state funding cuts, West Virginia’s college-going population is declining, and many student families cannot afford the tuition we currently charge. How would you generate more money and resources for Marshall?
  • Marshall University is committed to practicing shared governance in key areas of institutional responsibility and decision making. Please give us an example of how you served diverse stakeholders and addressed disparate opinions while getting buy-in and getting everyone moving in the same direction.
  • Marshall has award-winning faculty who dedicate their lives to serving students. What are some specific ways you would support faculty development, research and teaching?
  • Marshall University has an extensive alumni network located across the United States and worldwide. Many feel that the University does not adequately tap into this network to assist in accomplishing its vision. How will you connect and use the Marshall Alumni to help you accomplish Marshall’s goals?
  • Looking back on your career, tell us about an experience you would now handle differently if given the chance. Specifically, what mistakes did you make? What was the outcome? What did you learn? What would you do differently?
  • Marshall achieved Carnegie Classification R2 (High Research Activity) in very recent years. How specifically would you assist in maintaining R2, and would you set R1 (Carnegie Very High Research Activity) as a goal?
  • The landscape of college athletics is rapidly changing. How would you use Marshall University’s nationally known brand and highly competitive athletics program to benefit the University and our future?
  • What do you envision as a best possible future or vision for Marshall?  Where do we want to move this institution, what strategies will enable us to get there, and how will we know when we reach our destination?
  • Marshall University’s next president will need to attract and retain talent to build and hold accountable, strong, highly functioning leadership teams. How will you do this and what have you done in your career thus far to demonstrate this?

The Search Committee is still vetting the candidates we interviewed and intends to present a list of recommended finalists to the Board of Governors Executive Committee on Sept. 30. On-campus, public events with the finalists will then be scheduled during the week of Oct. 11.

Thank you for your continued interest in our presidential search.


Patrick Farrell
Chairman, Marshall Board of Governors