Accelerated MPH

An Accelerated Master’s Degree is offered for students in the BS Program in Health Sciences Department. This will allow Health Sciences students to take a full semester load of MPH courses in their final year and thereby save both the time and the money in getting a BS/MPH. For detailed course list, please visit

AMD students do not double count credits. They can take up to 12 graduate credits to be applied to the master’s degree in place of 12 undergraduate elective credits. They will earn undergraduate degree with up to 12 fewer credit hours, depending on how many graduate hours they take.

The BS in Health Sciences student would be able to apply for the MPH program in their junior year, but would not be fully admitted into the MPH program until after their graduation from the BS in Health Sciences.  All other admission requirements into the MPH program would remain unchanged.

In addition to the core courses, students in the MPH program take courses in Global and Community Health concentration (GCH) or Research, Evaluation and Policy concentration (REP).

Curriculum for AMD students

Year 4 of Health Sciences program

PH 601- Introduction to Public Health (1 credit hour)
PH 602- Public Health Biology ( 2 credit hours)
PH 611- Epidemiology (3 credit hours)

Year 4 of Health Sciences program

PH 641- Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health ( 2 credit hours)
PH 631- Environmental Health ( 2 credit hours)
PH 642- Health Communications (GCH) (2 credit hours) or PH 622- Statistical Methods II (REP) (2 credit hours)

Year 1 of MPH Program (After graduation with BS in Health Sciences)

PH 621- Statistical Methods I (3 credit hours)
PH 693- Public Health Law and Ethics (3 credit hours)

Year 2 of MPH program

PH 655- Introduction to Health Care Policy ( 2 credit hours)
PH 661- Chronic Diseases (GCH) (3 credit hours) or PH 617- Methods in Applied Comparative Study ( 3 credit hours) (REP)
PH 672- Global Health (GCH) (3 credit hours) or PH 616- Clinical Trials (REP) (3 credit hours)
PH 671- Community Health (GCH) (3 credit hours) or PH 615- Health Systems Research (REP) (3 credit hours)
PH 694- Practicum or PH- 695 Research (3 credit hour)

PH 692- Seminar (1 credit hour)
PH 651- Public Health Services (2 credit hours)
PH 686- Health Informatics and Technology (3 credit hours)
PH 656- Topics in Health Policy (REP) (3 credit hours) or PH 662- Control of Infectious Diseases (GCH) (3 credit hours)
PH 696- Capstone (3 credit hours)