Bid Award Information

Historical Award List

Bid# Description Vendor(s) Amount
MU17MAILSYS Mail System Central Business Systems Open End
MU17MOVE Relocation Services for MU Athletics Central Van & Storage Open End
R1802072 Research Equipment Fisher Scientific $84,815.53
R1802056 Metabolic Cages Harvard Apparatus and Data Sciences Itemized
R1801972 Cisco Equipment Verizon Network $277,979.59
R1801592 Mass Spectrometer Agilent Technologies $60,836.28
MU18PORTABLES Portable Restrooms  Randy’s Potties Itemized
MU18PLUMBING Plumbing Services  Phillip S Johnson Itemized
MU18SCLAWN Lawn Care Services (MU Graduate College)  TerraCare Inc. Itemized
R1800359 Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer system  Thermo Electron North AM LLC $76,589.62
MU18WTRT Water Treatment  GE Water Itemized
 R1800506 Jenkins Hall Renovations and Upgrades  E.P. Leach & Sons $3,373,059.00
MU18SEARCH Executive and Senior Management Position Search  AGB Search Itemized
R1800643 CNC and Manual Lathes, Manual Mill and CNC Machining  HAAS Factory  $122,752.00
 Blue Ridge Machinery & Tools  $72,330.00
R1801378 Cisco SmartNet Maintenance Pomeroy IT Solutions $68,928.68
R1802447 Mouse Cages Tecniplast USA $372,415.35
R1802328 Travel Services for MURC Travel Doctors $26,165.01
R1802177 DEMO LEICA DM5500 Upright Research Microscope W Nuhsbaum $48,316.00
MU19EVENTPER Athletic Event Personnel and Security Services Laura Grund Open End
MU18PHOTOS Commencement Ceremony Photographer