Bid Award Information

Historical Award List


Bid# Description Vendor(s) Amount
MU17CISCO Upgrade Verizon


R1701202 Cisco SmartNet Maintenance Pomeroy IT Solutions Sales Co

$ 87,959.95

 R1701398 Partial Re-Roofing of Douglass Center School of Medicine Par Roofing Co., Inc.


MU17MAILSYS Mail System  Pending Pending
  MU17MOVE Relocation Services for MU Athletics  Pending Pending
 R1701706 Joan C Edwards Stadium Phase II Restoration  Early Construction   $519,647.64
 R1701741 Laboratory & Office Alterations R.C. Byrd Biotechnology Center  E.P. Leach & Sons  $331,000.00
 R1701742 Smith Hall Renovations 1 Korin 3-10, Inc. $824,870.00
R1702123 Microscopes   W E L Instruments  $54,849.40
MU18PORTABLES Portable Restrooms  Randy’s Potties Itemized
MU18PLUMBING  Plumbing Services  Phillip S Johnson Itemized
MU18SCLAWN  Lawn Care Services (MU Graduate College)  TerraCare Inc. Itemized
 R1800359  Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer system  Thermo Electron North AM LLC $76,589.62
 MU18WTRT Water Treatment  GE Water Itemized
 R1800506  Jenkins Hall Renovations and Upgrades  E.P. Leach & Sons $3,373,059.00
 MU18SEARCH  Executive and Senior Management Position Search  AGB Search Itemized
 R1800643  CNC and Manual Lathes, Manual Mill and CNC Machining  HAAS Factory  $122,752.00
 Blue Ridge Machinery & Tools  $72,330.00