Supplier Diversity Program

Program Overview

It is Marshall University’s responsibility as a leading educational institution to champion diversity and be a leader in promoting a culture of inclusiveness.  Our vision is to provide world-class learning opportunities for students from across the country and around the world.  Marshall is leading by example in preparing its students and future leaders to function in a culturally diverse society, therefore, committing to supplier diversity and inclusion is one of its top priorities.

The Supplier Diversity Program will provide access to purchasing opportunities for diverse suppliers at the university. Our program is intended to address the disparity in utilizing diverse suppliers when purchasing goods and services as well as support to close this economic gap for diverse businesses within the state.  The goal is to increase bid opportunities for diverse businesses as defined in federal and state regulations.  We encourage our vendors and buying teams to become champions to ensure value creation is a priority throughout the university.

Commitment Statement

Marshall University is committed to making the Supplier Diversity Program an integral part of the way we do business, consistent with its commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive university community. The program was established to ensure that diverse businesses (minority, women, veteran, disabled, and small businesses) are given maximum opportunity to compete in the procurement process.  We recognize that by fostering an environment that promotes inclusion and encourages the participation of diverse suppliers, this will ultimately lead to a process that provides best value for the university.  As a leading university, our commitment is to mirror what is occurring in higher education across the country by advancing supplier diversity throughout the university, supply chain, community, state and globally.

Strategic Approach

Marshall University’s strategic approach is to actively engage in the university’s initiative to support economic development and collaborate with suppliers doing business with the university. The University’s strategies include:

  • Promoting top-down leadership engagement to drive program success.
  • Establishing a university-wide program to foster a culture that promotes inclusion.
  • Maximizing opportunities for diverse suppliers’ growth and economic development.
  • Working with departments, partners, corporations and government entities to create a diverse supplier pool.

Policy Statement

Marshall University has adopted a policy to maximize procurement opportunities with diverse suppliers  (minority, women, veterans, disabled, and small businesses) in obtaining goods and services that can provide best value to the university. All departments working with vendors and contractors are expected to adhere to this policy and include diverse suppliers in sourcing opportunities, where applicable.  We are committed to accomplishing this policy by establishing and supporting partnerships with the diverse business community, developing diverse businesses for growth, and engaging with organizations that share our commitment.