Authors and Works in the Sermon Studies Catalog

This page lists all authors and works currently included in the SSC. As his time permits, the Director would be happy to respond to inquiries regarding texts that have been indexed but not yet uploaded to the Catalog.

19th-Century England

The Tractarians and the Oxford Movement

Dodsworth, William, 1798-1861

Keble, John, 1792-1866

Keble, Thomas, 1793-1875

Marriott, Charles, 1811-1858

Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890

Prevost, George, Sir, 1804-1893

Pusey, E. B. (Edward Bouverie), 1800-1882

Richards, W. Upton (William Upton), 1811-1873

Williams, Isaac, 1802-1865

Wilson, R. F. (Robert Francis), 1810-1888