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Combining Scholarship Awards

In all cases, the total amount a student is awarded cannot exceed the cost of a Marshall University education. In some instances, when Title IV (certain Federal Financial Aid programs) and WV Higher Education Grant Programs are awarded, students are limited to receive grants and scholarships up to the student’s demonstrated financial need.

If a reduction in financial aid is required because the student is a recipient of scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance that exceed allowable amounts, Marshall University reduces self-help (loans and work-study) awards first. If gift aid (scholarships and grants) must be reduced, Marshall University institutional scholarships will be reduced before reducing external sources of scholarships and grants.

Student athletes who have been offered an academic scholarship should discuss the award with a financial aid counselor in the Office of Student Financial Assistance to determine whether or not the scholarship can be accepted. Under NCAA rules, student athletes are limited in the amount of institutional gift aid they may receive. Institutional aid includes both athletic scholarships and institutional scholarships and grants.