Thank You Letter Requirement

Recipients of Marshall University Endowed and Annual Scholarships are required to submit a thank you letter to their scholarship donor(s).

Below are guidelines for writing thank you letters:

Your letter should—

  • Use a formal salutation including the appropriate prefixes and suffixes.

Example: Dear Dr. and Mrs. McKoy

  • Include a personal thank you referring to the specific scholarship you received.
  • Include information about your interests and activities, what the scholarship means to you, and your educational and career goals.
  • Sign your letter.

Once you have written your letter—

  • Prepare an envelope with your scholarship name, but do not seal the envelope.
  • Send your letter with the unsealed envelope(s) to:

Marshall University
Foundation Hall
519 John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25703

These letters are greatly appreciated by the donors. Student thank you letters have great influence on the future generosity of scholarship donors for Marshall University students. Please take the time to edit your letter and make it special.