Epislon Mu Chapter at Marshall University

Why Sigma Tau Gamma?

The purpose of Sigma Tau Gamma is to promote the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizenship according to the Principles of our Fraternity. The pursuit of these three highest ideals is a journey. Each day we travel further along the path of what it means to be a better man, better brother, and better citizen.

For this reason, joining Sigma Tau Gamma is not similar to joining a club. It is a lifetime commitment not made alone, but made by, with and to brothers. This mutual commitment strengthens each of us.

Sigma Tau Gamma is not a place where you lose personal identity. It is a place where you find it. Your interaction with fellow brothers, who mutually care for each other, will test your ideas and help you formulate convictions that sustain a truly principled adult life.

The Fraternity is a place to belong. Belong to be a leader, a scholar, to serve, to care, to excel, to share, and to be respected.