Society in Motion

The Society of Poets uses a variety of activities in order to enhance the poetic atmosphere. Some examples include:

“Poetry on Location”- The term is made in reference to the location in which we write our poetry. Everyonce in a while we will make a trip to locations outside of our normal meeting space to write. This provides a great experience to let the atmosphere guide us on our poetic journey.

“On the Spot”-This refers to the time the poetry is written. In this exercise, we give members a topic or poetic form along with a time limit and told to write. When their time is up, they are asked to read their poetry. We all do it. It’s fun and challenging.

“The Jar of Despair”-An old favorite. This is yet another way in which we challenge our members. Sometimes the option is given to choose a subject for their poem from the jar. They must then use the topic chosen for the poem assignment for the week. Such topics include: he last unpopped kernal in a popcorn bag, an aging tree or a broken starfish. The jar holds many places, thoughts, ideas, emotions, people or things.

“The Multi-Idealistic Box of Destiny”-Our newest friend. The box works much like the jar. Inside you can find such items as Purple Periwinkle, French Mustard, Bermuda Bay or Warm Gray Flannel.