Mike Fitzgerald, Riggs Machine Shop
“Hope all the students you work with are that focused and driven as Logan. It was a pleasure to meet with him.  We discussed the possibility of an internship.”

Cody Gillespie (student), went to HIMG
“Thank you again for selecting me to job shadow HIMG.  It was a great experience and I am thinking about asking one of the doctors if I can job shadow for him over a period during the summer.  I got information from the doctor(s) that I was wanting to know while shadowing them.  Overall, I would definitely recommend other students to apply and participate in job shadowing at HIMG.”

Charles Jessup, Herald Dispatch
“I wanted to say how impressed I was with you and your enthusiasm to learn our industry.  You were a pleasure and all the staff enjoyed our time with you.  I am confident you will be successful in whatever you attempt in life.  Please come back and visit us.”