Cultural and International



Anime & Manga Association, Marshall (MAMA)

We watch anime & manga movies and discuss it’s cultural implications.

Black United Students

Fosters the development of its membership, which shall include, but not limited to, all students of the African Diaspora of Marshall University and to enculturate all students interested in the African-American culture.

Chinese Student and Scholars Association, Marshall University

This organization is to promote Chinese culture and helping Chinese students and scholars learning in US. Also, this organization will hold some activities to represent Chinese traditional culture and history to the society.

Fashion Club (MUFC), Marshall University

A group dedicated to promote trends and fashion.

French Club

We celebrate French language and culture and gather bi-monthly to speak French, eat French foods, and participate in French activities such as watching French films.

International Students’ Organization (ISO)

We are dedicated to improve the life experience of international students studying at Marshall University. Our goal is to organize social events for students of all nationalities while creating a platform for cultural interaction. We also assist in administrative issues and lend a guiding hand to all other international organizations.

Japan Club

This is a club where Americans and Japanese people both can learn about each other and each other’s cultures. In this club, we are able to meet new friends, have fun, and broaden our understandings of different lifestyles.

Organization of African Students (OAS)

We are a group for African students here at Marshall University that raise awareness of the African culture.

Oulim Marshall University Korean Club

Marshall University Korean Club is a Korean student based organization which promotes cultural diversity and harmony between the students of Marshall University.

Sado Club

Organization devoted to learning the etiquette and techniques of Japanese traditional urasenke tea ceremony.

Saudi Students Organization at Marshall University

An organization of Saudi students who are studying at Marshall University. This organization provides a chance for them and for Marshall students to be exposed to the Saudi culture and traditions.

Vintage Appreciation Society

The Vintage appreciation society is an organizaton for students who enjoy culture and history from the 1920s to the 1960s to come together through various activities.