Politics and Law




Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence (AIDE) Student Group

A student division of (AIDE). We focus on educating the general population about digtal evidence as well as exchanging new information about the ever-changing world of digital evidence.

College Republicans

We exist to advance the conservative agenda and message and increase youth awareness and voter participation.

Democracy Matters

A non-partisan, non-profit national organization that aims to fight political corruption by working towards campaign finance reform.

Lambda Alpha Epsilon

Professional CJ Fraternity/organization. Open to CJ majors and minors.

Libertarians, Marshall University

Promotes Libertarian philosophy and policy.

Pre-Law Club

A chapter of a national pre-law fraternity committed to helping students learn more about law school and the legal field and providing service to the school and community.

Political Science Graduate Student Association

The PSC Graduate Student Association is dedicated to the spread of knowledge concerning political sciene, be that through graduate students expanding their knowledge at conferences, or by teaching others about political science.

Students for Appalachian Socialism (SAS)

We are young people who are sick of watching capitalism destroy our world. We want both political and economic democracy. By coming together and respecting each other, we can combine our creative power to build a better world.

Young Americans for Liberty

A political activism group focused on educating, informing, and motivating students on political issues.

Young America’s Foundation

Young Americans for Freedom is a non-partisan organization dedicated to standing up for conservative values such as free markets. Our purpose is to further the conservative message of limited government.

Young Democrats, Marshall University

The Democratic Party’s Marshall University branch.

Young Mountain Party

A group dedicated to connect Mountain Party voters, members and other persons on campus who are interested in working towards progressive political process & current issues in West Virginia, and to provide students with valuable experience engaging the democratic system.