Sports and Recreation




Aikido Club

Martial arts club.

Athletic Trainers’ Association, Marshall University (MUATA)

Promotes athletic training.

Chess Club, Marshall University

To promote the leisurely play and instruction of chess with the eventual goal of becoming a competitive team.

Equestrian Team, Marshall University

MUET consists of three branches: hunt seat, saddle seat and western. Members compete at intercollegiate competitions. The program is designed to be affordable and accessible to college students.

Fencing Sports Club, Marshall

A club that will teach people the history of fencing and how to sword fight. It is a sport that is very safe and doesn’t require any prior experience to start. However, it is a sport that will give you a great workout and is also a great social activity.

Gaming Club, Marshall University

A group dedicated to providing a social forum for gamers.

Herd Vs. Zombies

A group dedicated to running, organizing, and advertising the game of Humans vs. Zombies on Marshall University’s campus.

Ice Hockey Club

To spread the fundamentals and enjoyment of the game of hockey and to spread friendship within the Marshall community.

Kendo Club,Marshall University

Marshall University kendo club (MKC) was formed and has been meeting since 2009. Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial arts. Through rigorous training members learn respect, discipline, patience, perseverance, peace, and prosperity.

Lacrosse Women’s

Lacrosse team for women at Marshall University.

Lacrosse, Men’s

Lacrosse team offering intercollegiate scrimmages with other men’s lacrosse teams.

Marshall Maniacs

We are student supporters of Marshall University athletics.

Marshall University Rocketry Club

To promote the designing, building, and launching of model rockets by Marshall students. We seek to equip members with the skills necessary to apply for and receive rocketry certifications through nationally certified rocketry groups and to foster the love of science on our campus.

Outdoor Adventure Club

This organization is for students who are interested in the outdoors. We organize outdoor adventure trips that range from white-water rafting, hiking, spelunking, skiing/snowboarding, and many more.

Park and Recreation Organization for Students, Marshall University (MU-PROS)

An organization for Marshall University students who are interested in the natural resources and recreation management program and/or are interested in environmental and recreational activities.

Quidditch Club, Marshall University (MUQC)

A club looking to officially bring the sport of quidditch to Marshall. Open and welcome to all students to learn about teamship and fair play in a great environment.

Rugby Football Club, MU Men’s

We are a student athlete organization and member of the USA Rugby Football Union, the Midwest RFU, and the Ohio Local Area RFU. The club is classified as a Division III level competitor.

Rugby, Marshall Women’s

We are a club sport at Marshall University that practices as a team, twice per week. We currently play in Division II against other universities in the Ohio Rugby Union. We compete in both the Spring and Fall semesters as a way to stay in shape and teach women a new sport.

Scuba Club

The goal of the MU Scuba Club is to promote scuba diving as part of recreation, education, research, and discovery by promoting diving, education research and exploring.

Slackline Club

Free, safe, and all-inclusive place to slackline.

Small Circle Jujitsu

Small circle jujitsu is a self-defense based club that instructs members on grappling, striking, and evasive techniques. This club is open to all students.

Snowboarding, Skiing, & Tubing Club

A group of people who are experienced in or want to learn one of the snow sports.

Strength Training Fitness Group (STFG)

The purpose of STFG is to educate students about the human body while also improving their health.

Tennis Club, MU

Organization for tennis players of all levels who want to have fun and meet other tennis players.

Thunder Dance Marathon

A student committee that will plan, organize, and execute the THUNDER Dance Marathon, a non-profit event that will raise funds to help children with chronic medical conditions and their families.

Ultimate Frisbee Club, Marshall University (Marshall Ultimate)

Our goal is to build a competitive, supportive community of athletes that play ultimate frisbee on campus and on the road against other ultimate frisbee organizations.

Wrestling, Marshall University

Wrestling team.