FERPA Instructions for Parent/Proxy

  • Once designated as a proxy, you will receive an email that provides an explanation of your proxy authorization, information you are allowed to view, and instructions for accessing that information.
  • You should also receive an email that specifies the passphrase you will need to access information verbally. Please keep this for your records.  If you choose to access information by phone or in person, that information will NOT be available to you if you cannot produce said passphrase.
    • This passphrase differs from the password that you are asked to establish in order to access the site electronically.  The passphrase has been created by the student who is allowing you access to their records, and reasonably ensures that you are, in fact, the person retrieving that information.
  • At any time, a student may choose to end your proxy relationship. Should that happen, you will receive an email to that effect, and your ability to view or discuss records will cease.