Student Safety

Above all, student safety is Marshall University’s mission. In order to provide a safe living/learning environment to our students, Marshall offers a vast array of resources and contacts if you ever need help. Below you will find information on resources to help with concerns or during and emergency situation.

Remember: If a situation doesn’t feel right or if you need emergency assistance, always trust your instincts and call 911. If you’re on campus, you can call the Marshall University Police Department at 304-696-4357 (HELP) or simply press a button on one of the 33 HELP phones located on frequently traveled paths throughout campus.

Student Safety Programs

HELP Phones
More than 30 emergency/service phones are located throughout the Huntington campus and provide direct contact with the police dispatcher 24-hours-a-day. If for any reason you feel unsafe while walking on campus, do not hesitate to use one of these phones to alert Marshall University Police Department to your situation. You can also call MUPD directly by dialing 304-696-HELP (4357).

MUPD Escort Program
You can request an MUPD police escort on campus by calling 304-696-HELP (4357). The service is provided free of charge to members of the university community. Please be prepared to state your name and location, and an officer will be dispatched to walk you to your residence hall, car, etc.

Green Machine
Students can ride Marshall’s TTA bus, The Green Machine, free of charge. The bus makes a special loop to and from campus and downtown. Track the Green Machine in real-time with ROUTESHOUT V2! iPhone app | Google Play

MU Alert
In an emergency, the university uses multiple systems to quickly alert community members of a threat and the steps to take to stay safe. Marshall’s emergency alert system allows the university to quickly communicate health- and safety-related emergency information through a combination of communication methods, including text messages, e-mail and phone calls. All students, faculty and staff can manage their own contact information and choose the contact methods they prefer. To opt-in, visit

Student Safety Contacts

General Questions/Concerns

Office of Student Affairs
304-696-6422 | MSC, 2W38
Hours are 8 a.m-4:30 p.m. M-F

Housing and Residence Life
RDs, RAs and the staff of HRL are available in each residence hall.

Health Concerns

Student Health Services
304-691-1100 | Cabell Huntington Hospital
Walk-in hours are M-F from 8-10:45 a.m. and 1-4 p.m.

Mental Health Concerns

The Counseling Center
304-696-3111 | Prichard Hall, First Floor
Free and confidential appointments

Counseling Center Hours of Operation:

Monday- 8:00-5:00

Tuesday- 8:00-6:00

Wednesday- 8:00-6:00

Thursday- 8:00-5:00

Friday- 8:00-5:00

Walk-In Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday- 1:00-4:00, Tuesday and Wednesday- 10:00-4:00

Additional Resources

304-696-2271 | Prichard Hall, 117

304-696-4677 | Old Main 107

304-696-6623 | MSC, BW31

304-696-2364 | 211 Gullickson Hall

304-696-2495 | MSC 2W38

304-696-6435 | MSC 2W29B

304-696-3338 | Prichard Hall, 1st Floor


(304)696-4800 1st floor of Marshall’s Rec Center