Information Technology Facilities (ITF) provides technology learning spaces throughout Marshall University’s Main Huntington Campus. Our facilities provide an assortment of learning spaces that include Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC), general individual use computer stations and computer lab classrooms where faculty, staff, and students can interact with a wide range of technology.

Information Technology Facilities manages and maintains several computer labs on the main Huntington campus. Our main and largest learning space is Drinko Library, which includes the 24-hour Study Center, three floors of individual use computing stations, multiple Study, Team and Collaboration rooms.  Information Technology Facilities maintains four computer lab classrooms: two in Corbly Hall, one in Smith Hall, and one in Harris Hall.  Technical support for these facilities can be reached by calling (304) 696-3249.

Information Technology Facilities installs and supports Technology Enhanced Classrooms across campus. Technology Enhanced Classrooms are designed to facilitate group collaboration and multimedia presentation. We are committed to providing our faculty with the latest technologies, and helping to improve student learning outcomes through the promotion and support of new, high-tech teaching pedagogies.  The program called TECI, which stands for Technology Enhanced Classroom Initiative, is a program funded annually by the office of the President that helps create and maintain Technology Enhanced Classrooms that are equipped with the latest educational technology. The classrooms maintained by this program are available for scheduling via the Registrar’s office.  Not all enhanced rooms are part of Technology Enhanced Classroom Initiative, so look for the TEC or TECI label when you are in the room.  The support staff may be reached by calling (304) 634-2664 for immediate assistance.