Tier 1

Smith Music Hall 112Smith Music Hall 112

TECI rooms designated Tier 1 or “TECI 1″ are the first-generation rooms, and are most suitable for standard lecturing.  They typically include a PC connected to a projector and a SMART interactive pen display. These rooms each have a wireless access point, plug-ins on the lectern for guest laptop connections, and use traditional furniture for seating.

Rooms with this designation are:

Corbly Hall: 117 (Tiered), 244*, 270

Gullickson Hall: 123 (Tiered)

Harris Hall: 130, 134 (Tiered), 136, 138, 139, 234, 446, 447

Smith Hall: 108, 261, 416, 435, 511, 513, 514, 516, 529, 531*

Smith Music Hall: 112


*Note: CH244 and SH531 do not have interactive pen displays, but have webcams for use with TechSMith Relay/Blackboard Collaborate. (Any room at all levels can accomodate Collaborate by bringing your own webcam.)