Tuition Scholarship Audition and Tech/Design Presentation

An audition or tech/design presentation is required to be considered for a tuition scholarship from the Marshall University School of Theatre. An audition and tech/design presentation is encouraged for all applicants.  The audition and presentation provides faculty an opportunity to learn about your interests, to appraise your level of skill, and to evaluate your potential for success in the School of Theater.

When and Where

The School of Theatre offers interview/auditions and portfolio reviews on campus on a regular basis throughout the year. To set up an appointment in advance, call or email the Director of Theatre, Lang Reynolds.

February is our Scholarship audition month. The School of Theatre strongly suggests that prospective students visit the Marshall University Campus during the month of February and meet our students, faculty, and staff.  Visit a class and attend a rehearsal or a performance and take this opportunity to interview and audition for our BA, BFA program.


The Day of Your Audition and/or Tech/Design Presentation:

  • Please bring a resume and if available, a current photo. Dress comfortably and professionally.
  • Auditionees, don’t be surprised if you are asked to try different approaches to one of your monologues.
  • Tech/design presenters, if you have a portfolio bring it as well as photos or samples of your work. Be prepared to talk about your work. Have fun with it.
  • There will be a brief interview after the audition and/or presentation where we will ask you about your goals and previous experiences in theatre.

Audition Requirements and Recommendations

  • You will need to memorize and prepare an audition of two contrasting monologues, two minutes total for both monologues.  It is important to choose monologues that allow you to connect with an imagined scene partner.  Most importantly, they should be selections that you enjoy performing.
  • Make sure you have gone over your monologues in front of other people prior to your audition.  Be familiar with the plays or scenes your monologues are chosen from.  You will need to understand what is at stake for your character.
  • You may choose to prepare 16 bars of a song (a verse and a chorus) to be sung unaccompanied. Don’t worry!  We are more concerned about how you deal with the size of emotion and commitment required to sing in public than whether you are a “good singer.”

Tech/Design Presentation Requirements and Recommendations

  • We are not looking for a professional portfolio. Collect any evidence or documentation of design and tech work that gives us an idea of your interests and accomplishments.  This might include anything from photos of the homecoming float you engineered to the elaborate costume you designed and made for a Renaissance Faire.  Graphic design and stage management notes, budget proposals, props, posters, program design or credits are all acceptable if they show something of your potential as a production area theatre major.

The TUITION WAIVER SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to students who have been admitted to Marshall University with a declared major in Theatre and have demonstrated exceptional promise in the areas of theatre performance and/or production.  This scholarship is renewable with the recommendation of the Director for up to three years after the first year of eligibility according to the terms stipulated in this agreement.  All awards are subject to review and approval by Financial Aid.

Helpful Hints for Performance Auditions

  • Dress and present yourself in a professional manner.
  • Observe time limits. You will be stopped when your monologue exceeds two minutes.
  • Know the titles, authors, and characters in your audition pieces and be familiar with the entire play.
  • Audition pieces should be memorized.
  • Don’t use audition pieces that require an accent.
  • Avoid monologues with telephone calls.
  • Avoid playing profile.
  • Don’t feel obligated to sing, but don’t hesitate to sing because you think you’re not ‘good enough.’
  • Pick audition pieces appropriate to your age and emotional range.
  • Avoid overly dramatic material.
  • Remember that sexually explicit or socially offensive material works against an auditionee.
  • A chair will be provided.
  • We are looking for potential, not extraordinary achievement. Don’t apologize or make excuses for your work.  It’s your work.  Be proud of what you’ve done.

Helpful Hints for Design/Tech Presentation

  • Dress and present yourself in a professional manner.
  • If you do not have a formal design portfolio, bring any materials that you feel reflect your sense of artistry and your interest in theatrical design.
  • Have your work organized and ready to be presented.
  • Be concise in your explanations of the material. Lengthy anecdotes are distracting and diffuse your presentation.
  • Plan out your presentation in an organized manner.
  • Electronic portfolios are acceptable and encouraged. You will be provided with a power source and a table for a laptop or other device.
  • We are looking for potential, not extraordinary accomplishments. Don’t apologize or make excuses for your work.  It’s your work.  Be proud of what you’ve done.