Chemistry Placement Exam

Chemistry Placement exams are not currently available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please check back for updates.

What is the Chemistry Placement Exam?

  • The chemistry placement exam is a paper and pencil exam for students who wish to challenge credentials for entry into CHM 211.  (In other words, students who wish to avoid CHM 111.)
  • Questions are provided in a paper test booklet.  Students may not write in the test booklet.
  • Answers will be submitted on a Scantron answer sheet. Students will be asked to provide:
    • Full Name, Date, Student ID, Email Address and Major.
    • Students will be allowed 60 minutes to take the exam.
    • Tests will not be scored by University College.  Tests will be submitted daily to the Chemistry Department for scoring.  Scores will not be immediately available.

Who is eligible to take the exam?

  • Any student may take the placement exam, including those students who already qualify for CHM 211.  Students without an ACT/SAT mathematics score or those students with ACT math scores below 23 must take the placement exam if they wish to bypass the CHM 111 pre-requisite.

Why should a student take the placement exam?

  • The placement exam allows students to bypass one or more math courses and a chemistry preparatory course.  This offers the chance to get through the sequence more rapidly, but at a potential cost.
  • A study of over 600 CHM 211 students over two years showed that students with ACT scores of 19 and lower pass CHM 211 at about a 30% rate and make "A"s and "B" at about a 10% rate.  CHM 111 raises the pass rate to 70% and the "A/B" rate to 35%.  Students with a math ACT score of 20 go from a 50% pass rate with a 20% "A/B" rate to 85% pass rate with a 75% "A/B" rate.
  • In short, CHM 111 improves the grades of the vast majority of students who attempt it, including those with ACT scores of 21 and higher.

What happens if I don’t cancel my placement test appointment?

  • University College must be notified 24 hours in advance when cancelling a placement test.  The first time the appointment isn’t cancelled will result in having to wait 2 weeks to reschedule.  The second time an appointment isn’t cancelled the student will need to wait one month (30 days) to reschedule the appointment.  By cancelling the appointment with adequate notice we are able to offer the appointment to a fellow student.

What am I allowed to utilize during the exam?

  • Personal belongings (backpack, purse, etc.) are not allowed in the testing area and will be held in a secure location.
  • Cell phones or other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing area.
  • Students are allowed to have #2 pencils and blank scratch paper.  Paper will be collected after test.
  • Students may NOT write on the test booklet.
  • University College will provide a non-programmable calculator.

How do I schedule an exam and where is it?

  • To schedule an exam, students should call University College at 304-696-3169 to schedule an appointment.
  • Appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The chemistry exam is offered every hour beginning at 8 a.m. till noon Monday through Thursday.
  • Tests will be administered in Communications Building Room 212.  Please check in at front desk.
  • At this time, the Chemistry Placement Exam does not require an exam fee.

If I do not pass the exam, may I take it again?

  • A student may take the exam at most 3 times per year (once each in the fall and spring semesters and once during the summer).  The attempts must be separated by at least 3 months.