UNI 201 Peer Mentor

The Office of Academic Affairs is seeking student volunteers who wish to assist with the facilitation of a section of UNI 100 Freshman First Class for the Fall 2016 term. These student volunteers, referred to as “Peer Mentors,” will receive a one hour graded credit for UNI 201: Peer Mentoring.

Each peer mentor will be responsible for convening class during Week of Welcome (WOW, August 16-19) for four non-consecutive hours, escorting their students to convocation, and co-facilitating designated weekly class meetings once per week for 50 minutes during the first seven weeks of the semester. Class section times will vary across days and times depending upon classroom availability and section assignment, but will coordinate with your current class schedule.

Each peer mentor will be required to complete the following:

  • The application, interest statement, and a one page resume that includes other organizations you’re involved in.
  • A 2.75 cumulative GPA; grades will be checked after spring 2016 grades are calculated.
  • Group interviews. If application is accepted we’ll contact you for these.
  • Peer Mentor Training is MANDATORY and will take place on Sunday, August 14th 1p – 4p & Monday, August 15th from 10:00am-4:00pm on campus.

Click here for the Peer Mentor application