Dave Traube
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Location: Old Main 320, Huntington
Telephone: 304-696-2549
Leah C. Payne
Director of Communications
Location: Old Main B24
Telephone: 304-696-7153
E-mail: leah.payne@marshall.edu
Contact Leah C. Payne for:
  • Media Relations/University Spokesperson
  • Board of Governors
  • Classified Staff Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • Office of the President
Mallory Jarrell
Director of Branding and Trademarks
Location: Old Main 320
Telephone: 304-696-3490
E-mail: haye1@marshall.edu
Contact Mallory Jarrell for:
  • Bookstore/Follett
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Campus Banners
  • Herd Rally/Herd Holiday
  • Mascot Event Appearances
Christopher McComas
Director of Web Strategy
Location: Old Main 320
Telephone: 304-696-5720
E-mail: cmccomas@marshall.edu
Contact Christopher McComas for:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website development
  • WordPress CMS
Susan Tams
Director of Editorial Services
Location: GC 310
Telephone: 304-746-2038
E-mail: stams@marshall.edu
Contact Susan Tams for:
  • Academic Catalogs
  • College of Education and Professional Development/Center for Continuing Education
  • Division of Aviation
  • Graduate Studies
  • Marshall Magazine
  • Outreach and Continuing Studies
  • South Charleston Campus/Teays Valley Regional Center/Mid-Ohio Valley Center
  • We are Marshall/Herd Happenings
John Winters
Director of Creative Services
Telephone: 304-696-2586
E-mail: wintersj@marshall.edu
Contact John Winters for:
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing Technologies
  • Project Management
Clark Davis
Senior University Relations Specialist
Location: Old Main B24
Telephone: 304-696-3408
E-mail: clark.davis@marshall.edu
Contact Clark Davis for:
  • Admissions/Recruitment
  • College of Health Professions
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Honors College
  • Marshall University Research Corporation
  • Registrar
  • Student Financial Assistance
Tiffany Davis
Digital Marketing Manager
Telephone: 304-521-7098
E-mail: tiffany.davis@marshall.edu
Contact Tiffany Davis for:
  • Social Media
  • Information Technology/Campus ID
  • Online Learning
  • Orientation/Week of Welcome (WOW)
  • University College
Jean Hardiman
University Relations Specialist
Location: Old Main B24
Telephone: 304-696-6397
E-mail: jean.hardiman@marshall.edu
Contact Jean Hardiman for:
  • College of Arts and Media
  • Lewis College of Business
  • College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • College of Science/Forensic Science
  • Libraries
  • Office of Career Education
Austin O’Connor
Photographic Services Manager
Location: Old Main 320
Telephone: 304-696-3181
E-mail: oconnor21@marshall.edu
Contact Austin O’Connor for:
  • Photography
  • Headshots
Mike Powers
Telephone: 304-696-3760
E-mail: powers47@marshall.edu
Contact Mike Powers for:
  • Videography
Melanie Whitt
University Relations Specialist
Location: Old Main B24
Telephone: 304-696-3045
E-mail: melanie.whitt@marshall.edu
Contact Melanie Whitt for:
  • Academic Affairs
  • Alumni Association
  • Center for International Programs
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Human Resources/Equity Programs
  • Intercultural Affairs
  • Operations/MUPD
  • Student Affairs
University Mascot
Location: Old Main 213
Telephone: 304-696-3490
E-mail: ucomm@marshall.edu
Contact MARCO for:
  • Making people smile!
Michele McKnight
Assistant Director of External Affairs, Marshall Health
Telephone: 304-691-1713
E-mail: mcknigh4@marshall.edu
Contact Michele McKnight for:
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Marshall Health
Sheanna Spence
Director of External Affairs, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine
Location: Medical Center, Third Floor
Telephone: 304-691-1639
E-mail: smith566@marshall.edu
Contact Sheanna Spence for:
  • Marshall Health
  • Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine
April Walker
Marketing Coordinator, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine
Location: Medical Center, Third Floor
Telephone: 304-691-6864
E-mail: biser@marshall.edu
Contact April Walker for:
  • Marshall Health
  • Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine
Larry Crum
Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, Marshall University Foundation Inc.
Telephone: 304-696-3134
E-mail: crum17@marshall.edu
Contact Larry Crum for:
  • Alumni Association
  • Marshall University Foundation Inc.