Classified Staff election starts Friday, April 19

Nominations have been made for the Classified Staff Council election to select no more than five representatives from each of the five EE0 groups, the Staff Council Chair, the Institutional Board of Governors (IBOG) representative and the Advisory Council of Classified Employees (ACCE) representative. Elected candidates will serve from July 1, 2013 until June 30, 2015.

Electronic voting will be available from 6 a.m. Friday, April 19, through midnight Monday, April 22. All voting will be electronic; there will be no paper ballot voting. Detailed instructions on electronic voting can be found on the Staff Council website at

Nominees are as follows:


Nina Barrett (Accounting/Controller’s Office)

Institutional Board of Governors Representative:

Miriah Young (Housing)
Maura Conway (College of Fine Arts)
Marcos Serrat (Plant Operations)
Advisory Council for Classified Employees Representative:
Carol Hurula (Academic Affairs)

EEO Group 10 – Executive, Administrative & Managerial – Nominees are:

William “Tootie” Carter (Student Center Operating)

Lisa Williamson (College of Business)

Miriah Young (Housing)

Amy Lorenz (Housing)

EEO Group 30 – Other Professionals – Nominees are:

Chris Atkins (University College)

Amber Bentley (University College)

Maura Conway (College of Fine Arts)

Rebekah Duke (Payroll Office)

Carol Hurula (Academic Affairs)

Jennifer Jimison (Financial Aid)

Noah Lamb (Bursar)

Jan Parker (Graduate College – Huntington Campus)

EEO Group 40 – Technical & Paraprofessional – Nominees are:

Amanda Dailey (Accounts Payable)

Toni Ferguson (School of Education)

Lisa Maynard (School of Medicine – Finance and Administration)

Kelly Preston (Autism Training Center)

Valerie Smith (University College)

Trula Stanley (VP Research)

EEO Group 50 – Clerical – Nominees are:

Stacy Good (Mathematics)

Leonard Lovely (Mailroom)

Amanda Nagy (School of Education)

Nancy Tresch-Reneau (Psy D Program)

Teresa Wellman (College of Info Tech and Engineering)

EEO Groups 60 & 70 – Skilled Crafts & Service/Maintenance – Nominees are:

Marcos Serrat (Plant Operations)

Joe Wortham (Athletics Administration)

Individuals will need their MUIDs (901 Number) and passwords to log into their myMu accounts to cast their ballots during the election period. Staff members are highly recommended to vote early in the election period so that if they encounter any problems logging in or casting their ballots they may obtain assistance.

Any staff member who is unable to successfully vote electronically should notify the Staff Council Office or Election Committee Chair Joe Wortham PRIOR to the end of the voting period. at: Staff Council Office – Katie Counts, ext.6-2222 or; Election Committee Chair – Joe Wortham, ext.6-5402 or