Michelle Barbour named Employee of the Year for 2012

Michelle Barbour, Career Counselor in Career Services/Student Resource Center, has been named the 2012 Marshall University Employee of the Year. The announcement was made by President Stephen J. Kopp at the May 15 service awards brunch.

Selected as the March 2012 Employee of the Month,  she was nominated by Pam Bowen, Sarah Craiger, Denise Hogsett, Matt James, Jessica Jordan, Jennifer Kennedy and Sherri Stepp.

In their nomination, they wrote:  “Although she is a part of the Student Resource Center, she is not a Resource Specialist.  This does not stop her…from performing all SRC staff duties.  In addition to the numerous tasks associated with her position with Career Services, she never hesitates to help [students] with any concern that they bring into the office and she always goes above and beyond her Career Counselor duties when assisting students.”

Barbour is always willing to help out after normal work hours, and they point out that even though her hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., “…she is always here by 8 a.m. and rarely leaves by 5 p.m.  She often volunteers to lead residence hall presentations, serve as a guest instructor for various UNI courses, and present non-career-related workshops. Michelle’s work ethic is something to be desired by all.  We have rarely met a more generous or helpful staff member, and we are confident that she’s (by far) one of the hardest working Marshall staff member at the university.  Her focus is solely on the students.”

In addition, the nominators said, Barbour hosts workshops to help students with their career paths and choices of majors.  They have high praise for her customer service skills and her ability to make students feel at ease.  “She does all she can to ensure students feel comfortable and understood when they come to meet with her.  Students…leave her office (and) feel empowered to find a good major and a career.”  In fact, many students stay in touch with her after they leave.  “Her interpersonal skills and counseling background have made her a hidden treasure at Marshall,l because students know that if they visit Michelle, they will leave feeling better and feeling more prepared to tackle their issues.”

Hogsett, who is Barbour’s supervisor,  noted,  “Michelle has been such an asset to our department and most importantly has been able to work in two different programs without any problems at all.  She is always willing to do for her students and goes the extra mile with providing them with what they need, even giving of her own finances to make sure students have needed items such as books.  She is resourceful and has stretched herself as a new employee to develop and present information to students, parents, and staff.”

In closing they wrote that, although the Student Resource Center has been open a little more than a year,  “… thanks to Michelle, students all over the university are in the right major and feel confident that they will succeed after graduation.  Michelle tirelessly devotes herself to ensuring students are successful and her willingness to serve the students makes her an invaluable asset to the Student Resource Center and Marshall University.”

Hogsett accepted the award, which was presented by President Kopp, on Barbour’s  behalf. Barbour received a framed certificate along with gift cards from University Bookstore and Sodexo.

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Photo: Denise Hogsett (left) receives the Employee of the Year award on behalf of Michelle Barbour, who is a member of Hogsett’s Career Services staff, from President Kopp.