Physical Therapy students honored at white coat ceremony

AshtonWeiss_PennyKrollTwenty-seven students emerged as future physical therapists when slipping into their white coats during the first-ever Marshall University School of Physical Therapy White Coat Ceremony May 10.

Dr. Tamara Gravano, assistant professor and director of clinical education for the school, said the White Coat Ceremony marks a student’s transition from student to clinical intern, as he or she strives forward to earn a doctoral degree in physical therapy.

“It is a rite of passage, which represents a milestone on the journey toward a career in health care professions, and this class has certainly earned it,” Gravano said. “The next two years will be even more challenging as they are expected to expand and apply this knowledge and make clinical decisions of their own – and stand behind them.”

The White Coat Ceremony was initiated in 1993, at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and has since been adopted by many professional and medical schools, both nationally and internationally.


Photo: Ashton Weiss smiles as she receives her white coat from the chair of the School of Physical Therapy, Dr. Penny Kroll, during last Friday’s White Coat Ceremony. Photo by Rick Haye.