Reminder: Service Awards reservations due today

Reservations for the Service Awards Brunch are due to the Service Awards Committee  by today, Wednesday, May 8. Reservations may also be e-mailed to This year’s event in honor of the award recipients and retirees takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 15, in the Don Morris Room of the Memorial Student Center.

Following is an updated list of those who will be recognized:

For 10 Years of Service:  Shyla Abraham, Christopher Albright, Amber Bentley, John Bowen, Frank “Butch” Brodtrick, Terry Campbell, Elizabeth Coffey, Maurice Cooley, Catherine Donchatz, Kathy Hale, Lisa Henry, George Hewitt, Tammy Johnson, Sybil Lockard, John Maxwell, Beverly McKinney**, Timothy McSweeney, Sarah Murray, Jeffrey O’Malley, Jyotsna Patel, Teresa Runyon, Larry Smith, Javey Vance, and Monique Williams.

For 15 Years of Service:  Beatrice Banford, Jon Cutler, Billy Howard, Virginia Nelson, Linda Newman, Linda Owens, Bonnie Prisk, Stephen Robinson, Mary Smith, Regena Terry, and Penny Watkins.

For 20 Years of Service:  Carol Bailey, Michael Clay, Virgil Crockett, Andrew Earles, Michael Farley, Jack Ferrell, Billy Johnson, Michael Justice, David Lambert, Ronald May, Lonny Muncy, Cheri Musgrave, Rebecca Pack, Margie Phillips, Jo Raines, Dorothy Rinehardt, Janice Runyon, Susan Tams, Deandre Turner, Sandra Varney, Lisa Williamson, and Selah Wilson.

For 25 Years of Service:  Jeanne Adkins, Michael Adkins, Doris Atkinson, Janice Colegrove, Joyce Harrah, Virginia Holderby, Damon Holley, Edwin Holley, Verlin Hughes, Yetta Meadows, Sherry Osburn, Nancy Pelphrey, Tara Runyon, Carol Stinson, James Terry, Nina Thompson, Cora Westmoreland, and Cathy Zhea.

For 30 Years of Service: David Bailey, Cassandra Chappelle, Roberta Ferguson, Frances Mooney, Trula Stanley, Patsy Stephenson, Mark Ward, and Connie Zirkle.

For 35 Years of Service: Vickie Crager, Tony Crislip, Arlene Ferguson, Lester Merle Fleming**, Karen Greybill, Kent Hayes, Estil Hurn, Jeffrey Long, Lynne Mayer, Arnold Miller, Deborah Watson, and Charles Young.

For 40 Years of Service:  Sue Bell, Stephen Hensley, Randy Price, Joseph Vance, and Joe Wortham.

For 45 years of Service:  Deborah Hicks.

Retirees to date: Eleanore Beckett, Bernice Davidson, Paul Dempsey, Peggy Egnatoff, David Fenney, Lester Merle Fleming**, Sue Ellen Hollandsworth, Nancy Holley, Terry Kates, William Lewis, Mary Anna Love, Lynne Mayer, Karen Midkiff, Rudy Pauley, Charles Racer, Judy Ross, Barbara Simpkins, Donna Spindel, Gary Stone,  and Charles Young.

** Awarded posthumously.