Niese receives collaborative grant to work with Wake Forest faculty member

ElizabethNieseDr. Elizabeth Niese, assistant professor of mathematics at Marshall, and Dr. Sarah Mason, assistant professor of mathematics at Wake Forest University, have been awarded a one-year Collaborative Pilot Grant by Wake Forest University.

The grant will fund a research collaboration between Niese and Mason by providing funds for each of the researchers to visit the other institution twice during the 2013 academic year, with additional travel funding for summer 2014.

The research project, which has possible applications to statistics and quantum physics, is concerned with the properties of certain polynomials.

“These polynomials contain information about other mathematical objects,” Niese said. “Our goal is to use methods from combinatorics to find ways to factor the polynomials. The factorizations then give additional information about the other objects.”

The researchers are planning to present the results of their research at the International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics in Chicago in July 2014.

Niese received her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 2010 in the mathematical field of algebraic combinatorics, and became a tenure-track professor at Marshall in 2011. She has published four research papers on her research in algebraic combinatorics and presented her work at several academic conferences.