Faculty achievement: Coleman quoted in USA Today

Craig Coleman, assistant professor and speech language pathologist in Communication Disorders, was one of the experts quoted by USA Today in an article titled “Early Treatment for Stuttering Has Value, Experts Say” which was published in the Sept. 18 edition.

An excerpt from the article notes “Coleman, an assistant professor at Marshall University, Huntington, W.V., says he also looks for signs that a child is becoming anxious about how he speaks — such as showing facial tension or raising his pitch as he tries to get out a sentence … After the initial evaluation, he and other therapists say they often divide patients into three groups: Those who can check back in a few months; those who might benefit from a few formal therapy sessions; and those at highest risk, who should start rigorous therapy right away.

“In any case, Coleman says, he sends parents home with tips that would benefit any child — such as slowing down conversations, waiting patiently for children to speak and asking fewer direct questions (that takes some pressure off, he and other experts say).”