Proposals sought for ‘Body Shots VIII’ next March

The Women’s Studies program is accepting proposals for presentations exploring mermaids for Body Shots VIII, which will take place Thursday, March 6, in the Francis-Booth Experimental Theatre in the Joan C. Edwards Playhouse.

Body Shots is a collaborative project that combines the work of Marshall faculty, students and community members in an interdisciplinary, multimedia exploration of a provocative topic.  Presentations can come from individuals or groups and make use of visual and performing arts, literature, science or popular culture.

Mermaids have intrigued people around the world since ancient times, according to Body Shots literature. The appearance of the legendary half woman, half fish could portend evil or signal miraculous good fortune. Mermaids have long fueled the lust of the lonely sailor and continue to inspire poets, musicians, artists, dancers and filmmakers. The mermaid’s image is a favorite of tattoo artists and has even been appropriated as a corporate logo.

For details on submitting a proposal, contact Dr. Robin Conley by e-mail at