Faculty Achievement: Dr. Suneel K. Maheshwari

Dr. Suneel K. Maheshwari, professor of accountancy and legal environment in the College of Business, is a co-author, along with Dr. S.N. Maheshwari and Sharad K. Maheshwari, of the new 11th edition of An Introduction to Accountancy, published by Vikas Publishing House.

The textbook provides students with the knowledge of basic accounting principles and practices in a systemic manner. According to the publisher, the unique feature that has made this book so popular among students is the simplicity of presentation, which enables them to understand the subject matter and solve practical problems. The book’s wide coverage helps to meet course content requirements for several degrees as well as foundation exams for various professional institutions.

S.N. Maheshwari is professor emeritus and academic adviser at Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi, India. Sharad K. Maheshwari is the general manager of Corporate Finance, Lalit Hospitality Group, New Delhi, India.