Information Technology introduces new features of Marshall website

John Cummings, Director of Enterprise Web and Online Applications, has announced some new features of the Marshall website.

First of all, the temporary host name of “muwww-new” has now been retired, since virtually all of the website content has been migrated to the new system. Printed materials and other references should be made to the standard website addresses beginning with

Cummings said that the small number of sites that have not been moved to the new server will be hosted on a server called

In addition to these behind-the-scenes changes, some new functionality for searching the site has been established, with new ways to refine searches and find content.  By default, search results will return results from all types of content, sorted by relevance to the search term.  To the right of the results, there is a new option allowing the user to sort results by date. In addition, several new links along the top of the search results will allow the user to refine the search further. An advanced search function is also available.

Other features being introduced are as follows:

  • Events added to the Campus Event Calendar at can now include a finite number of seats, and will allow users to reserve their places at events based on criteria determined by the event creator.
  • Page footers now have the ability to generate a short link to the page in question.
  • Pages now have a prominent “report a problem” link, allowing anyone who notices an issue with the page content to report it directly to the web team.
  • Invalid links, which have been tracked during transmission, will now automatically be removed from site search results.

For further information, review the complete communication from Cummings.