Seidman to give next in series of Amicus Curiae lectures Tuesday, Nov. 5

LMSeidmanLouis Michael Seidman, who is the Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Constitutional Law at the Georgetown University Law Center, will present “On Constitutional Disobedience” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 5, at Marshall University Foundation Hall, home of the Erickson Alumni Center. The lecture is the second in this year’s Amicus Curiae series, sponsored by the Simon Perry Center for Constitutional Democracy.

In describing his talk, Seidman says, “Over two centuries after its ratification, most Americans are still infatuated with their Constitution. And yet, despite years of hagiography for the founders and worship of the text that they produced, atheists and agnostics have survived. Throughout our history, many of our most revered political figures have expressed doubts about the Constitution. Constitutional skepticism has been at the heart of some of our most important political battles, and it has preoccupied some of our leading political thinkers.  It is as American as apple pie.”

Seidman, who is the author of a book titled On Constitutional Disobedience as well, will sign books following the lecture.