Spin-a-thon at Marshall to raise money for charity

Erin Hickok, a personal trainer with the Marshall Recreation Center, is hosting a Spin-a-thon to raise money for her charity, Team Healthier Generation.

“Spin for a healthier generation” is Thursday, Oct. 10, and includes two spinning sessions – the first one at 7 p.m., and the second one at 8 p.m., both at the recreation center. Members and non-members are invited to participate in one or both of the sessions.

Hickok is training to run in the New York Marathon, which takes place Nov. 3. In conjunction with training for the marathon, she is also running to raise $3,500 for Team Healthier Generation, a charity aimed at ending childhood obesity.

For Hickok, the purpose of her training is not so much about running the New York Marathon as it is helping the Huntington community and her home state end an issue that is much larger than just one marathon. While Team Healthier Generation is helping her accomplish her personal goal of running a marathon, it also is helping her accomplish her ultimate goal, which is to help end childhood obesity nationwide.

All proceeds go directly to her charity. To participate, register at the Welcome Desk of the Marshall Recreation Center. The cost is $15 per person to participate, and any additional donations will also be accepted at that time.

Hickok can only receive cash and checks made payable to “Alliance for a Healthier Generation.” There will be prizes as well as free bottled water for all who participate.
For more information, contact Hickok at hickok@marshall.edu.