Criminal justice students and faculty attend, present at state conference

Students from the Department of Integrated Science’s Criminal Justice and Criminology program and their faculty mentors attended the West Virginia Criminal Justice Educators’ Association (WVCJEA) annual state conference held last week in West Liberty.

“These students did a fantastic job representing not only their department and program, but Marshall University as a whole,” said Dr. Kimberly DeTardo-Bora, associate professor of criminal justice and criminology. “Several students presented papers, and two students at the state level received paper awards.”  Those who presented include:

  • Jamie Gunnoe, “Herman W. Mudgett: Businessman or Psychopath?”
  • Justin Crowder, “Mickey Cohen: The Life of A Gangster”
  • Tabytha Bills, “The Relationship between Ted Bundy’s Serial Killings and Clarke and Cornish’s Rational Choice Theory”
  • Amanda Richards, “Female Juvenile Offenders: Labeling Status Offenders”
  • Natassia King, “The Mind of Ted Bundy: An Evaluation Using Eysenck and Gudjonsson’s Theory of Crime and Personality”
  • Greg Matthews, “Domestic Terror: A Threat from Within”
  • Sara Catron, “Robert Agnew’s General Strain Theory Applied to Cyber-Bullying: Not Just Adolescents”

Logan Cottrill won first place for the graduate paper competition with his paper, “If the Shoe Fits (Wear It): Defining Deviance and Constructing Outsiders.”  Sara Catron took home third place in the undergraduate paper competition with her entry.

Other faculty mentors who attended the conference were Dr. Dru Bora and Dr. Sam Dameron, associate professor and professor of criminal justice and criminology, respectively.