Marshall graduate students hooded in special ceremony in Charleston

Master’s and doctoral level Marshall University students who took classes on the South Charleston campus were hooded Thursday evening, Dec. 12, in a special ceremony.

More than 200 students were eligible to be hooded during the ceremony, which was held at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium.

In the College of Education and Professional Development:

  • Twenty-four students earned master’s degrees in Adult and Technical Education. They are Robert Amis, Interdisciplinary Studies; Rebecca Burke, Career and Technical; Kimberly Copley, Interdisciplinary Studies; Judy Dingess , Training and Development; Kieu Dinh, Training and Development; Tracy Eubank, Adult Education; Sean Flynn,  Interdisciplinary Studies;  Donna Frischkorn, Career and Technical;  Zhe Gai, Training and Development; Tresley Harris, Career and Technical; Lynette Jones, Career and Technical; Rodney  Prince Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies; Katrina Nell Reed, Adult Education; Steven Scaggs, Adult Education; Caitlin Sharp, Adult Education; Amanda Slicer, Adult Education; Summer Stover, Adult Education; Kelly Stump, Training and Development; Loretta Thompson, Career and Technical; Deborah Totten, Career and Technical; Sherry Watts, Occupational Leadership; Kendra Westfall, Career and Technical; Jing Wu, Training and Development; and Melissa Wyatt, Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Twenty-six students earned master’s degrees in Counseling. They are Deborah Armstrong, Mental Health; Bethany Blankenship,  Mental Health; Latisha Carr,  Mental Health; Blair Cook, School Counseling; Cassandra Gallagher,  Mental Health; Maria Gaum, Mental Health; Wilson Tyler Grimmett, Mental Health; Ervin Lenzy Henderson, Mental Health; Sarah Hewett, Mental Health; Nicole Howell, Mental Health; Jessica Kidd,  School Counseling; Alysen Ka Latorre, School Counseling; Cassandra Layne, School Counseling; Abby Locke, Mental Health; Patricia Mollohan, School Counseling; Kelli Murray-Shrader, School Counseling; Megan Noble, School Counseling; Debra Jane Phelps, Mental Health; Benjamin Redmond, Mental Health; Michelle Sabo, Mental Health; Michelle Smith, School Counseling; Jamie Stevenson, School Counseling; Stacy Stroud, School Counseling; Celeste Ward, Mental Health; Bethany Ward, School Counseling; Jerica Wesley, Mental Health.
  • Two students earned master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education. They are Gabrielle M. Ambrosius and Heather Blankenship.
  • Eleven students earned their master’s degrees in Elementary Education. They are Heather Bond, School Library Media; Kenneth Brandon Bowens; Melissa Ann Dickens,  Educational Computing; Autumn Dolin, Early Childhood; Sherry Dotson, Early Childhood; Keisha Dunn, Instructional Process & Strategies; Jeffrey T. Fromhart,  Early Childhood;  Erin Gripper, English as a Second Language; Sarah Michelle Payne,  Educational Computing; Leaha Mare Salmon, Educational Computing; Erika Yuhasz Wimmer,  Math through Algebra I.
  • Fifty-four students earned a master’s degree in Leadership Studies. They are Rachel Adams,  Leadership Specialist; William Howard Anderson, Leadership Specialist; Hilda Armstrong, Leadership Specialist; Krystal Baumann, Principalship;   Daniel Ray Beckner II,  Justice Leadership; Alex Blankenship; Kelly D. Bonar, Principalship;   April Christina Bowen; Tiffany D. Bowen, Justice Leadership; Pamela Brandon; Brittany Bragg, Principalship;    Paul Anthony Brillant, Leadership Specialist; George David Brown Jr., Leadership Specialist; Ricky D. Buria, Leadership Specialist; Kimberly A. Burris;  Joshua D. Caldwell;  Whitney R. Canada, Principalship;   Courtney Clemons, Principalship;   Ashlee A. Collier, Justice Leadership; Jenny Colvin, Leadership Specialist; Jahosame Cotto, Leadership Specialist; Letitia Crockett-Smith;  Kristina Nicole Donahoe, Principalship;   Ashley Garrett, Principalship;   William Joseph Gross Jr.; Nicole Hevener, Principalship;   Jason R. Hill;  Tiffany M. Hughes, Leadership Specialist; Samuel Alan Johnson, Leadership Specialist; Amber Jo Lafferty, Principalship; Stacy A. Lally, Leadership Specialist; Cynthia Lavender-Bowe, Principalship;   Suzanne Paige Lopez, Leadership Specialist; De’Recco LeVon Lynch, Leadership Specialist; Eva Marcum, Principalship;   Tara Marcum, Principalship;   Marsha Ann McCallister, Justice Leadership; John McClung;  Robert Mellace, Principalship;   Shannon Bright Noble, Principalship;   Kathryn Parker, Principalship;   Michelle Dawn Podunavac;  Amanda Hope Preece, Principalship;   Daniel Quesada, Leadership Specialist; Sonjia Richardson, Principalship;   Saba Safiari, Leadership Specialist; Jeremy Severn;  Sol A. Snyder, Leadership Specialist; David Stevens, Leadership Specialist; Deanna Louise Stewart, Leadership Specialist; Mary E. Thomas, Principalship;   Lorisa Kay Thompson;  E. Shandon Tweedy, Principalship;   and Paul Zebb III, Leadership Specialist.
  • Twenty-three students earned master’s degrees in Reading Education. They are Tracy Adkins, Kendra Arvon, Jennifer Coberly, Angela Beth Cox, Whitney H. Cox, Johnnalyn Davis, Kelli Jo Dixon, Terri Duncan, Tracy Komorowski, Chastity Lies, Rebecca Marcantel, Kara McCutcheon, Ginny McMillion, Christin Parrish, Donna Ann Petry, Amy Roberts, Valeria Schultz, Jessica Shortridge, Robin Stewart, Mary Streets, M. Annetta Swafford, Kelly Watts and Rebecca Jane Young.
  • Seventeen students earned master’s degrees in Secondary Education. They are Tracy Burnette, School Library Media;  Tammy Melinda Burns, School Library Media;  William R. Casto;  Tarah Clark, Educational Computing;  Jessica Cox, School Library Media;  Patricia Floyd, Math through Algebra I;  Justin Johnson, Individual Plan of Study;  Alex Michael King, Individual Plan of Study;  Trevor Lewis;  Chad A. McClanahan;  Stephanie Meyers, Individual Plan of Study;  Rachel Miller, School Library Media;  Scott Miller, Individual Plan of Study;  Lauren Nichols, Middle Childhood Education;  Michele Flegal Perkins;  Katie Annette Radcliff, School Library Media;  and Ashleigh Winter, Middle Childhood Education.
  • Nine students earned master’s degrees in Special Education. They are Trudy Acord, Multi-Categorical;  Lisa Wynette Bradley, Multi-Categorical;  Hillary Elizabeth Burns, Multi-Categorical;  Terri Gwinn, Multi-Categorical;  Bravin Hughart, Multi-Categorical;  Christopher Presley, Multi-Categorical;  Joni Shortridge, Visually Impaired;  Ashley Skiles, Multi-Categorical;  and Charlene Michele Templeton, Multi-Categorical.
  • Five students earned master’s degrees in Teaching. They are Ashley Frances Clark, Cody Clay, Carrie Ann Fowler, Steven Stormes and Joanna White-Rodighiero.
  • Eight students earned an Education Specialist Degree. They are Samuel Joseph Aquino, Adult and Technical Education; Keith Allen Butcher, Leadership Studies; Tracy L.  Chenoweth, Leadership Studies; Talya Colliflower, School Psychology; Kay Lawson, Curriculum and Instruction; Cassandra Neil, School Psychology; Amber Wallbrown, School Psychology; and Marcella Wright, School Psychology.
  • One student earned a doctoral degree. Joy Cline’s dissertation was titled Perceptions of Nursing Education Administrators Regarding the Relationship of Admission Criteria to Student Graduation.

In the Marshall University Graduate College:

  • Three students earned master’s degrees in Humanities. They are Brenna A. Craig, Lauren T. Goodwin and Carolyn S. Quinlan.
  • Twenty-five students earned master’s degrees in Psychology. They are Frances Ashley, Cynthia Briscoe, Leslee Browning, Carnice Covert, Channing Daniels, Sarah Fouch, Mallory Frampton, Marci Hankins, Sixtus Iwuji, Amanda Kipp, Kared  Lockhart, Ashley Matheny, Kelcey Perkins, Amani Qoqandi, Kellie Rodriguez, Hannah Roles, Christa Rucker, Erin Stone, Megan Stone, Savanna Tickle, Christopher Varghese, John Van Horn, Jenna  Wallace, Elijah Wise and Kristy Woods.

In the College of Information Technology and Engineering:

  • Four students earned master’s degrees in Information Systems. They are Rayan Alshamrani, Kevin Byrd, Shilpa Kommi and Charles Scott.