Teresa Meddings named Employee of the Month

meddings1908Teresa Meddings, Administrative Secretary Sr., College of Business, Division of Finance and Economics, has been named the Marshall University Employee of the Month for July, according to Michelle Brown Douglas, chair of the Employee of the Month Committee.

Employed for almost three years, she was nominated by Harlan M. Smith II.

In his nomination he writes that their division manages multiple degree programs with 15 full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty, plus adjuncts and GAs.  “Teresa works tirelessly and competently every day, to make sure our administrative house is in order and that each of us has everything we need to do our respective jobs.”  A problem solver, “…she strives every day to make our individual jobs just that much easier. And she succeeds…she goes above and beyond, without being asked.”

Smith says Meddings is working this semester with two adjunct instructors who teach evening classes and she not only stays late to help them get set up in their classrooms, but helps them navigate the various Marshall websites.  “She works with them directly, in short, to make their teaching experience productive and rewarding.”  She is also well liked and respected by the GAs. “They know she genuinely cares for them,” he says, and many stay in touch with her after they graduate.

When three new faculty members, all foreign nationals, joined the division in 2012, Smith says Meddings took it upon herself to work with them to complete the various paperwork necessary for visa applications and permanent work visa applications.  “This required an untold number of hours of extra work on her part…she had to complete all this work to very tight, Federally mandated deadlines.  And she had to work with the faculty in question to make sure they completed their work correctly and on time, too.  She did all of this without complaint.  Our three new faculty members are very grateful.  They could not have gone through this without her and they know it.”

Well-liked and respected, “Teresa’s been a fantastic employee these two-plus years,”  Smith writes.  “She makes this place work every day, in a myriad of little ways, and is always focused on what’s best for the division and our students. As such, she’s become more than an employee, she’s become a partner with us in the educational mission of our division.  And she’s always looking for ways to contribute even more.  We know our administrative affairs are in good hands with her.  She’s one of us now, and our division is the better for this.  As her immediate supervisor, I continue to marvel every day at what she’s able to accomplish and how she goes about her work.”

In closing he says, “… in the relatively short time she’s been with us she has learned how to work effectively and comfortably with people all over campus.  She knows where to go for answers, for help   She knows more about how MU works……than some people who’ve been here twice as long—or longer!”

Meddings was presented with a plaque and a check for $100 by President Stephen J. Kopp.