“We Are…Marshall” cheer to highlight Conference USA championship game

SayItOutLoud_Marco_squareThundering Herd football fans across the world, most of whom are convinced that Marshall University’s Conference USA championship game with Rice this Saturday should have been played in Huntington, will be shouting the “We Are … Marshall” chant at specific times during the game.

Since the game will be played in Houston, Marshall fans who cannot make the trip will be there in spirit doing their best to demonstrate support for the Thundering Herd. They will be chanting in unison, “We Are … Marshall” from their homes and alumni clubs where game-watching parties will be widespread.

The chants will start at noon with the opening kickoff and continue every time Marshall scores.

“Our football team loves and responds to its fans! Unfortunately, we are not playing at home but if every alumnus exactly at certain times were yelling, ‘We Are…Marshall,’ all over the world and the team knew it, I believe they would hear us in their hearts,” said Verna Gibson, former chairman of the Marshall Board of Governors.

Many fans will be going outside of their homes and into their neighborhoods to chant “We Are … Marshall” when the Herd scores. There will be no mistaking when MU scores. “Let’s let the Herd hear and feel our worldwide support,” Gibson said.

The game will be televised on ESPN 2 at Noon EST.