Vickie Crager named Employee of the Month

VickieCrager_EOMNov2013Vickie Crager, Program Assistant II, College of Science (Biological Sciences), has been named the Marshall University Employee of the Month for November, according to Michelle Brown Douglas, chair of the Employee of the Month Committee.

Employed since January 1975, she was nominated by Dr. James E. Joy.

In his nomination, he noted that Crager has served with every biology departmental chair since the College of Science was first formed.  “She has, essentially ‘trained’ every one of these chairs with the exception of the department’s first chair, Harold Ward.  Her winning personality allows her to interact effectively with faculty, staff, and students from a wide variety of backgrounds and personalities.  Moreover, her work ethic earns her the respect of everyone.”

Joy lists that among her numerous duties, Crager oversees all purchasing needs for 23 faculty members as well as the needs for the largest number of teaching and research labs in the university.  In addition she is instrumental in scheduling lecture class times and laboratory sessions for the entire department along with handling course overloads.   “I can’t imagine any staff member on campus tasked with the sheer volume and diversity of duties that Ms. Crager handles so well, and with such grace,” he wrote.  “And Ms. Crager unflaggingly displays a ‘happy heart’ when faced with multiple ‘intractable’ problems; guiding us, through her unmatched experiences, to reasonable, and timely, solutions.”

“One recent example (of many that could be enumerated) was her assisting me in obtaining travel funds for my attendance at a training session in Illinois…” he said.  After final approval of the request “hit a snag,”   Crager’s perseverance and diligence paid off, Joy says, when “I received an e-mail from her announcing ‘I did it.’   And indeed she had.  She had untangled all the red tape and I received the travel reimbursement.”

In addition “She deals with issues concerning travel of our students and faculty all over the globe (e.g., Africa, Madagascar, China, Brazil, etc.)…And she does it with remarkable efficiency.”

Crager received a plaque and a check for $100, presented by President Stephen J. Kopp.


Photo: Vickie Crager (right) receives her Employee of the Month award from President Kopp.