Marshall 20/20 planning team reviews progress, plans next steps


More than 50 faculty members, students, Board of Governors members, deans, administrators and classified staff gathered yesterday at the Heritage Farm Museum in Huntington to learn about the progress and celebrate successes of Marshall’s strategic planning process, which kicked off last October. Most importantly, participants in the MU 20/20 strategic planning also identified the challenges ahead and built a plan for the next steps.

IMG_2692_croppedThe Marshall 20/20 cooperative planning process is designed to help the university respond to market and economic challenges in the next 10 years.

Work group updates included the communications team; the shared vision team; the academic portfolio review team; the budget work group; the administrative services portfolio review team; and the pro forma team.

IMG_2689_croppedAcademic and administrative services portfolios are defined as the university’s current offerings. The term pro forma refers to a common presentation method for reviewing academic programs with regard to enrollment and expenses.

Copies of each team’s reports are located on the Marshall 20/20 website at An overview of yesterday’s activities will be posted soon.

The We Are Marshall weekly newsletter will feature regular updates on the Marshall 20/20 planning process. Look for the logo for the latest information.


Photos: (Above) Dr. Cam Brammer makes a point in the general discussion at yesterday’s Marshall 20/20 retreat. (Below) Dr. Dan Holbrook reports on his small group’s discussion.